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Part 2 of 3: Intelligent Translation Services Consulting

As an attorney, particularly the Lead Counsel on an important case, you’ve achieved much in your career by mitigating risk. But when aspects of the case aren’t in your control, it’s much harder.

An area where you sometimes have the least control is Court- or DOJ-imposed deadlines. If you’re required to produce thousands of foreign language documents in English within 3 weeks, that’s a hard-stop on your translation time. If you’re not lucky enough to secure an extension, you can still rest easy. Here’s why.

Linguistic Systems’ offers 9 solutions to address Timeline Uncertainty, and we can help you produce on time. Here’s a quick look at those challenges and our solutions.

Overall Challenge: Timeline Uncertainty

— Court-imposed deadlines may be unmovable. Do you have the right processes and resources to comply on time? We see 3 related concerns for this challenge: Deadline, Process, and Contingencies. Here are our solution steps.

LSI Steps to Overcome Deadline Uncertainty

— Are all case deadlines known? Are all project deadlines understood? Will any flexibility be granted in moving case deadlines?

  • Legal Deadlines Audit — Identification and consolidation of all court-related deadlines and delivery expectations.
  • Project Milestones Audit — Identification and consolidation of project milestones, associated deadlines, and assigned owners to achieve objectives.
  • Timeline Mitigation Recommendations — Identify deadlines most at risk and support a request to grant a document production continuance.

LSI Steps to Overcome Process Uncertainty

— Will the right process be chosen to enable your team to meet imposed deadlines? What are the tradeoffs for each process decision?

  • Process Tradeoff Discussion — Examination of pros and cons of each process option and how they might affect case strength, timelines, cost.
  • Process Recommendations — Development of multi-modal process strategy to achieve optimal results within agreed timelines and budget.
  • Project Burn Rate Analysis — Tracking and projection of delivery dates for each component of translation process, and likelihood of meeting deadlines.

LSI Steps to Overcome Future Uncertainty

— What additional, unforeseen deadlines may be imposed? Can the translation process and team support changing dynamics?

  • Timeline Flexibility Analysis — Where are the potential flex periods and logjams in the timeline?
  • Resource Flexibility Analysis — Which resources are potentially stretched, and which can provide additional capacity?
  • Project Scale Analysis — If new requirements and work efforts are added to the project, will the timeline be at risk? Where are the vulnerabilities?

At first glance, this may feel complex. But we’ve been executing complex translation projects for more than 50 years. We’re here to assist you.

In fact, we offer LSI Translation Consulting Services which address all phases of foreign language legal translation. We know that winning your high-profile case is your only option. We’re here to help in that regard.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Linguistic Systems uses a combination of advanced proprietary technology and 7,500 skilled, certified translators to deliver high-quality translations in 120+ languages. With 50 years and billions of words of experience serving 25,000 clients, including many Fortune 100 and AmLaw100 firms, you can trust us with your must-win foreign language translation projects.