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Linguistic Systems offers professional, precise interpreting services that enable successful, real-time communication between parties that do not understand each other’s language. Skilled interpreters can bridge language gaps in real time.

Linguistic Systems’ interpreters are available for business meetings, conference calls, conventions, exhibitions, courtrooms and depositions, medical exams, community meetings, tours, and more.

Telephone interpreting services are fast, efficient and affordable. In-person or event interpreting is priced according to specific meeting requirements.


  • Telephone interpreting—a very effective way to replace on-site consecutive interpreting. The wait-time to reach the interpreter is under 16 seconds for common languages.
  • Simultaneous interpreting —an interpreter hears information from a speaker and simultaneously communicates it verbally to recipients in a different language.
  • Consecutive interpreting — a more sequential process with listening delays. A source speaks, an interpreter listens; the interpreter then communicates the message in the native language of the listener. Then the process is reversed when the listener speaks.


Stay Safe. Save on Travel.

Telephone interpretation is incredibly important during the challenges of Covid-19. You’re able to connect with non-English-speaking customers, constituents, and team members while remaining socially distanced. Telephone interpreting is also a less expensive alternative to on-site interpreting, so travel costs are significantly reduced or eliminated.

Linguistic Systems can support your telephone interpreting needs in more than 200 languages, and more than a dozen industries. Linguistic Systems offers an average answer time of 3 seconds and an average connection to a qualified interpreter in under 20 seconds.

Dual Language Excellence

Linguistic Systems goes beyond target language proficiency in qualifying its’ interpreters. All are solely US-based, and native-speaking mastery of both English and the target foreign language is essential. This is an important distinction as many other providers use interpreters from overseas who may not have high-level English skills necessary for accurate work.

To learn more about our telephone interpreting services, please contact us.

“The interpreter did a superlative job, always a good experience using your service!”

— Call Center Manager


Simultaneous Interpreting

Attracting talented experts from a diverse international field is a huge plus for any conference or event. But they’re coming a long way and they may not speak the same language. Providing interpreting services for the speakers or participants is essential for the free-flow of ideas.

The benefit of doing so far outweighs the cost. That’s why Linguistic Systems’ simultaneous interpreting service is in high demand at international conferences, business events, and community meetings.

Presentations and discussion can proceed at the same pace as a single language meeting. Each attendee hears what is being said in his or her own language with the help of a wireless receiver.

Linguistic Systems provides a complete package. The simultaneous interpreting service is a combination of highly talented conference interpreters and wireless electronic equipment to transmit the interpreters’ words to the appropriate listeners.

Equipment is based on state-of-the-art infrared or FM wireless transmission. Booths meet the ISO 4043 standard for conference interpreting. Up to 12 languages and audiences of unlimited size can be accommodated at any location in North America.

Simultaneous interpreting is the ultimate in international conference hospitality. There is no better way to attract foreign attendees who will contribute greatly to your event.

Smaller Meetings

Linguistic Systems also provides simultaneous interpreters and equipment for smaller meetings, usually with 20 or fewer participants. For touring situations, we use portable wireless FM-based equipment with a range of approximately 250 feet. The receiver and transmitter are small, and they can be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt for ease of movement.

We support smaller meetings with the same attention to detail and careful screening of interpreters as we do for larger conferences. We’re committed to your success, regardless of meeting size.

Consecutive Interpreting for Legal & Medical

Consecutive interpreting is used often in law offices, business meetings, and various medical situations where language is a barrier. A highly trained consecutive interpreter is able to interpret in two language directions, delivering the message with the same intonation and emphasis as each speaker, without embellishment. Linguistic Systems has provided this service for oral depositions and other needs in more than 75 languages, for 50+ years.

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