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Linguistic Systems is a premier provider of translation services for publishing. We’ve supported hundreds of digital and print publishing clients with best-in-class technology and translation services for 50+ years.




Tech publishing evolves constantly as new discoveries, technical advances, vendors, and data become known. Delivery methods now include podcasts, videos, digital, and subscriptions as the norm. But consumers’ preferences for native language is constant. Ai Translate by LSI™ and Linguistic Systems help some of the largest technology publishers to better connect with international customers.




Translating scientific and academic content requires deep knowledge of the subject material plus fluency in the source and target languages. That’s why 70% of our 7,500 expert translators hold advanced degrees. Ai Translate by LSI™ and Linguistic Systems have helped scientific and academic leaders from some of the most prestigious institutions to get published and known on an international scale.




Successful book translations require a careful precision and appreciation for nuance. Linguistic Systems has served some of the largest publishers in the world over 5 decades. We’ve translated business books, consumer books, religious books, fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, directories, indexes, references, and more.




Media is now online. It’s visual, dynamic, interactive, and searchable. But it still needs to be in native language to connect with readers at their core. Ai Translate by LSI™ and Linguistic Systems can help online newspapers, magazines, newsletters, blogs, and journals to expand their non-English audiences.


  • Academic books
  • Analyst reports
  • Blogs
  • Business books
  • Catalogs
  • Directories
  • Fiction
  • Indexes
  • Multimedia content
  • Non-fiction
  • Online magazines
  • Online newspapers
  • Podcasts
  • Research studies
  • Scientific journals
  • Textbooks
  • Videos
  • And more …

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