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Your Patent Deserves Equal Clarity in Global Markets

2016 was a record-breaking year in technology and invention according to the World Intellectual Property Organization. With more than 233,000 patents issued, that is a lot of innovation.

If you’re an intellectual property owner, you want to protect your patents and content while also enabling other potential contributors throughout the world to collaborate. To do this, you must present your intellectual property in a form that is highly accurate while still understandable for readers in many other languages. Whether you need to translate into 1 language or 15, hiring the right translator is essential. With the right translation, other innovators can build off your work while staying original.

A multilingual approach to your innovation can help others to search and analyze your patents. Transparency can also help them to make important decisions related to pre-existing patents. Without a properly translated patent, you run the risk of misinterpretation and patent or copyright infringement. So, what kinds of things should you verify while looking for the right translator?

  • Expertise in the desired language – there are words in almost every language which have multiple meanings. You need a translator with expertise on a native level to choose the right vocabulary for your translation.
  • Industry experience – translating a patent takes more than just language expertise. It requires a fluency in the technical and industry-specific knowledge involved in the translation. Look for a translator who has worked within the industry of your intellectual property.
  • Education level – understanding terminology comes from both experience and education. Look for a reputable translator with an industry-specific degree and knowlege.
  •  Patent translation experience – having the right education and industry experience is just part of the picture. When dealing with legal issues, work with a translator familiar with the litigation process to avoid unwanted complications.

Your intellectual property is too important for translation mistakes. By taking the steps to ensure you have the best translator for your needs, you can be more confident that you are reaching your audience effectively.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Linguistic Systems uses a combination of advanced proprietary technology and 7,500 skilled, certified translators to deliver high-quality translations in 120+ languages. Trust us with your next translation project.