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Business Card Translation Process

Linguistic Systems is expert at business card translation. We can professionally translate and produce your foreign language business cards. We offer translation to, and from, as many as 120 languages via our curated network of 7,500 skilled translators. We also offer professional graphic design and typesetting capabilities.

Prices start at $135 for new clients. You get translation and layout services for both single and double-sided business cards.

Complete the form on this page to start your request. We will then need the following information in order to process your job: 

  • Name, Job Title, Company, Email, Phone Number, Company Address, and details about what you will need completed.
  • All files and art files associated with each business card, including your company logo.
    • If editable files are available, these are the best to work with.

Business cards take about 2-3 business days to complete.

We offer discounts for multiple business cards, as long as the company name and address are the same per language.

If you do not find the language you need in the following list, CONTACT US. There is a strong likelihood we can translate it for you.

Full Translation Services

Linguistic Systems can translate much more than business cards. We’re experts at all aspects of translation including: statistical machine translation (SMT), neural machine translation (NMT), custom bilingual glossaries, human post-editing of machine translation output, full human translation, and human translation plus editing.

Our translation expertise spans more than 50 years and dozens of industries. Linguistic Systems has served leading AmLaw 100 and Fortune 100 firms, as well as tens of thousands of additional clients. Industries include: Legal, Business, Government, Medical, Life Sciences, Publishing, Technology, Marketing, and more.

Linguistic Systems can handle any of your translation needs in as many as 120 languages. These include: Arabic Translation ServicesChinese Translation Services, Greek Translation Services, Hebrew Translation Services, Japanese Translation Services, Korean Translation Services, Russian Translation Services, Vietnamese Translation Services, and up to 120 other Languages.  

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