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Linguistic Systems offers 55+ years of expert medical device translation services for manufacturers, distributors, and marketers of medical equipment, medical devices, and medical supplies.


As a manufacturer, distributor, or marketer of medical devices, medical equipment, or medical supplies, your products are vital in helping to safeguard patients’ health. But what if the medical professionals who operate your products or the individuals who might use them are not fluent in the source-language of your printed instructions? It puts everyone, including your company, at risk.

Linguistic Systems has been providing expert medical device translation services to leading medical device providers for more than 55 years. We offer the expertise (linguistic, medical, and legal), ISO-certified processes, and technology to help you deliver your products and instructions quickly, in multiple countries, with reduced risk.

This area of translation comes with unique pressures, complexities, and challenges. As a manufacturer, distributor, or marketer of medical devices, medical equipment, or medical supplies, you need a comprehensive translation strategy that delivers precise accuracy in every target language you wish to serve.

You also face demanding timelines, complex compliance regulations in multiple jurisdictions, and the need for expert linguistic and medical oversight as part of the translation process. For example, the European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) lays out the latest documentation rules for equipment released into the EU market. The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is another example. Linguistic Systems can support you with proven translation best practices to comply with all of these requirements.


Medical device translation requires local language accuracy and strict adherence to compliance regulations in all your target markets. Therefore, our translation in this area is most often done by expert human translators — in particular, those with medical experience and degrees. Because of exacting requirements for accuracy, statistical and neural machine translation are appropriate for only certain types of projects. Linguistic Systems’ process for medical translations relies on 3 knowledge-driven components.

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  • Translation and review by knowledgeable, subject-matter and language experts in your required fields. Many of our translators are doctors and PhDs. Careful attention is paid to medical specialties and procedures.
  • Development of custom bilingual glossaries to ensure consistent use of industry (and your proprietary) medical terminology.
  • A second review by independent language experts in combination with your in-house experts.

Linguistic Systems, Inc. (LSI) has achieved 4 ISO certifications for the quality of our management systems, processes, and information security. These ISO certifications are difficult to achieve and require third-party auditing, vulnerability testing, and re-certification. They represent Linguistic Systems’ ongoing commitment to the highest standards of performance and security. You can view our ISO Certifications here.


Linguistic Systems can provide expert translation for these content types, and more.


Device UI: Medical equipment that contains a built-in interface must be usable in a target market’s language with prompts, terminology, and more localized for easy comprehensibility.

Product instructions: Manuals that go into depth about how to use a device must reflect the latest updates and be in sync with the terminology used in the UI.

Packaging inserts: The printed materials that accompany a medical device should be comprehensive and accurate within the space provided.

Marketing materials: Stylistic content comes with a different approach to writing than a device’s manual and UI, but can’t contradict those more technical documents.


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Linguistic Systems provides translation services in as many as 120+ languages. Among the most common languages for medical device translation are: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and many more.

Whatever your medical device translation needs, Linguistic Systems can help. Use the form below to get in touch.

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